National and International Links

International Reviews

  1. July, 2011: ERC Taskforce Report
  2. March, 2011: EMS Position paper
  3. International Review of Mathematical Sciences : This review, commissioned by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK, took place in December 2010.  It’s remit was to provide an independent assessment of the quality and impact of UK research.  The final report is now available.
  4. The Mathematical Sciences in 2025: National Academies, USA. This project funded by the National Academies for the Division of Mathematical Sciences released its pre-publication report on January 10, 2013.  The first part of their report was published in June, 2012.
  5. Reports from the Division of Mathematical Sciences, NSF. This is the home page for several reports commissioned by DMS.  The Odom Report, in particular, was influential in increasing the DMS budget over the ensuing 10 years.

National Reports

  1. September 27, 2012: The Council of Canadian Academies has released its report  The State of Science and Technology in Canada, 2012.
  2. July 5, 2012: The Council of Canadian Academies has released its report on performance indicators.
  3. January, 2012: Report of the 2011 Canadian Research Data Summit
  4. January, 2012: The 2011-16 LRP for Subatomic Physics is available from this IPP web site.
  5. The Review of Federal Support to Research and Development was published on Oct 17, 2011.
  6. CMS Report: The State of Canadian Mathematics, 2011.
  7. Science and Technology Innovation Council The second “STIC” report — “State of the Nation — 2010” — was released in June, 2011.
  8. July, 2011: The IPP web site has posted a draft of the SAP LRP for comments from the physics community.
  9. Council of Canadian Academies, 2011-12.  The CCA has just launched an assessment of the state of science and technology and industrial research and development in Canada.  Requests to complete surveys were sent to Fellows of the RSC in late August.  The first assessment is to be an update to the 2006 STIC report (3. below).
  10. CIHR International review June, 2011. From the executive summary: “CIHR should catalyze new areas of research that are beyond its current knowledge domains, including the domains of mathematics, physics, computer and materials sciences, bioinformatics and certain engineering disciplines such as bioengineering. Strategic cooperation with other partners, e.g. Genome Canada or NSERC, should be considered in order to facilitate the development of a national bioinformatics strategy. Other areas such as human ecology, operations research or the study of complexity in general might be worth exploring.”
  11. Science and Technology Innovation Council This so-called “STIC” report, called State of The Nation 2008 – Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation System, compares Canadian performance to performance of science, technology, and innovation leaders around the world.  The Science and Technology Innovation Council is advisory to the government, and forms part of the government’s Science and Technology Innovation Strategy.
  12. Mobilising Science and Technology to Canada’s advantage This is the government’s strategic plan for science and technology, published in 2007.
  13. Council of Canadian Academies 2006 The State of Science and Technology in Canada. From the web page:  “The final report of the Committee on Science and Technology in Canada described the strength of the principal building blocks of Canada’s science and technology system. It identified areas where Canada appears to be comparatively weak or declining in science and technology capacity. It also identified four areas or “clusters” of Canadian strength – natural resources, information and communications technologies, health and related life sciences and technologies and environmental technologies.” This report informed both the “STIC report” (above) and the government’s science and technology strategy.
  14. Long Range Plan 2010: Astronomy and Astrophysics in Canada : NSERC, NRC and the Canadian Astronomical Society sponsor this long-range plan.  The 2010 draft was released in December.
  15. Canadian Long Range Plan for Sub-atomic Physics: 2006 – 2016 : NSERC sponsors this long-range plan as well; the Physics community is currently engaged in preparing their 2011 plan.

Mathematical Sciences Institutes

  1. Annual Report, Fields Institute
  2. Annual Report, CRM
  3. Annual Report, PIMS
  4. Annual Report, AARMS