Community consultations

This is the main page for documents related to interactions with members of the mathematical and statistical sciences research community.  Informal discussions, via the comments panel to the right, are also welcome at any time.

Slides presented at summer meetings

Discussion Documents

Overview of MITACS (prepared for the CMS report) March 15, 2011
Mathematical Biology, U Alberta March 30, 2011
Statistics Group, Dalhousie University April 11, 2011
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, U Alberta April 12, 2011
James V. Zidek,  Statistics, UBC April 12, 2011
Marni Mishna, Mathematics, Simon Fraser April 13, 2011
Manfred Trummer, Mathematics, Simon Fraser April 14, 2011
David Brydges, et al,  Probability April 14, 2011
Heinze Bauschke, UBC Okanagan, Mathematics April 14, 2011
John Stockie, SFU April 14, 2011
Ted Bisztriczky et al., Mathematics, U Calgary April 15, 2011
Ian Putnam, Mathematics, U Victoria April 15, 2011
Tony Lau, et al., Harmonic Analysis, Banach Algebras April 16, 2011
Department of Statistics, U Waterloo April 16, 2011
AARMS April 17, 2011
Department of Statistics, UBC April 17, 2011
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queen’s U April 18, 2011
Biostatistics and Epidemiology, McMaster U April 18, 2011
Gord Willmott, José Garrido, Actuarial Science April 18, 2011
Robert Platt, Paul Gustafson, Biostatistics April 18, 2011
Mu Zhu, Machine Learning April 18, 2011
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UBC Okanagan April 18, 2011
Department of Mathematics, UBC Vancouver April 18, 2011
Sebastian Jaimungal et al., Mathematical Finance April 18, 2011
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, U Victoria April 18, 2011
Department of Math and Stats, UNBC April 18, 2011
John Braun et al., Statistics April 21, 2011
Statistical Society of Canada April 27, 2011
Canadian Mathematics Society May 3, 2011
Department of Mathematics, McMaster May 5, 2011
Department of Mathematics, Lakehead May 11, 2011
Izabella Laba, UBC May 11, 2011
Department of Statistics, SFU May 14, 2011
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Acadia May 15, 2011
PIMS May 19, 2011
Fields May 19, 2011
CRM May 19, 2011
BIRS July 19, 2011
CAIMS/SCMAI Oct 19, 2011

Local visits, February and March, 2011

Slides for local presentations

As of Mar 30, 2011

Members of the steering committee made presentations in their local areas, either in person or by teleconference or video link.   Please contact the relevant department chair or steering committee member for  details.

Simon Fraser University (Stats Feb 4, Math Mar 3), UVic/Vancouver Island U — Charmaine Dean

UBC, UBC/OK, Thompson Rivers (Mar 3), UNBC (Mar 8 ), Fraser Valley — Rachel Kuske

U Calgary/Lethbridge (Mar 10), U Sask (Feb 18)  — Alejandro Adem

U Alberta (Mar 1), U Regina (Feb 16) — Mark Lewis

U Manitoba (Mar 1), UWO/Windsor (Mar 24), McMaster/Brock (Mar 2) — Ed Bierstone

U Waterloo/WLU (Mar 1), Guelph (Mar 1), Lakehead/Laurentian (Mar 17) — Nancy Reid

U Toronto, Ryerson, UOIT, York, Trent (Mar 8 ) — Ed Bierstone and Nancy Reid (at Fields Institute)

Queens (Mar 23) — Gail Ivanoff

Carleton (Feb 10), U Ottawa (Feb 11) — Christian Genest, Gail Ivanoff

U Montreal (Mar 22), Concordia (Mar 11), McGill (Mar 29), UQAM (Mar 15), Laval (Mar 3), Sherbrooke, Bishop’s (Mar 10) — Christian Genest and Niky Kamran

UQTR (Mar 30) — Christian Genest

AARMS universities via UNB videolink (Feb 15) — Nancy Reid

Call for discussion documents

Interested members of the mathematical and statistical sciences research communities are invited to submit a short discussion document, to inform the development of our long range plan. Guidelines for submission are given here. The firm deadline is April 18, 2011. All submissions will be posted to this web page. Submissions should be sent by email to Nancy Reid; please put LRP2012 in the subject header.

Haphazard collection of questions and discussion points for the Long Range Plan

The following list gathers points raised in discussions with the Steering Committee for the Long Range Plan. They are in no particular order, and listed here to help stimulate discussion.

  • It has been suggested that the Institutes could provide funding to facilitate research at smaller universities, through mechanisms to be developed. Is this a good idea?
  • Very few team grant applications are submitted to the Discovery Grants program, apparently because the rules are rather restrictive. If changes could be implemented to make these grants more flexible would they be of interest to you?
  • Should the restriction to DG grant holders to supervise summer undergraduate research awards (USRAs) be removed?
  • What impact will the end of the MITACS NCE have on research in your area?
  • PIMS, CRM and Fields spend a lot of their NSERC money on postdoctoral fellows. Is this a good way to fund PDFs? Do PDFs play a role in your research area?
  • How important are research networks for your research? Would it be a good use of resources to build more research networks?
  • Could the mix of activities at the institutes be altered to ensure better coverage across the mix of research in statistics, applied mathematics, and pure mathematics?
  • Can your area make more use of the research partnerships programs at NSERC? Would this be a good idea?
  • NSF often issues calls for proposals in particular areas, for a short period of time. Is this a good idea? How should areas be selected?
  • What role should mathematical sciences play in government science policy? Should we align our community with efforts to raise Canada’s profile in research and development?

CMS Winter Meeting, Dec 2010

  • December 13: Some replies to the FAQ at the end of the slides of December 6.
  • December 6: Slides from the CMS winter meeting, Dec 4, 2010